Saturday, September 12, 2009

ATCM 2009 in Beijing

Dear All,

For those who are interested to attend the International Conference ATCM in Beijing on 17-21 December 2009, please register on your own before 15 October 2009. The fee is US$270 + 120 if you bring a teacher (who does not present paper). Registration Fee AFTER October 15, 2009 is US$ 300* + 120.

Dear Mathematics Teachers and Educators,
Good News for All.
Malaysia will be organizing an International Conference in Mathematics and Technology
(ATCM) in Kuala Lumpur 2010. We would like to have more teachers and educators from
Malaysia to contribute papers and participate in this conference. This year, you are invited to participate or contribute papers to ATCM 2009 in Beijing.
Here are some information regarding ATCM 2009:
a) Title: The 14th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM 2009)
b) Dates: December 17-21, 2009, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
c) URL:
d) Conference Theme "Journey to discover more mathematics”
e) Brief Description: The ATCM 2009 is an international conference to be held in China that will continue addressing technology-based issues in all Mathematics.
Thanks to advanced technological tools such as computer algebra systems (CAS),
interactive and dynamic geometry, and hand-held devices, the effectiveness of our
teaching and learning, and the horizon of our research in mathematics and its
applications continue to grow rapidly. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for educators, researchers, teachers and experts in exchanging information regarding enhancing technology to enrich mathematics learning, teaching and research at all levels. English is the official language of the conference. There will be over 400 participants coming from over 33 countries around the world.
f) Due Date for Abstract Submission: June 15, 2009.
g) Due Date for Full Paper Submission: July 30, 2009.
Dear friends,1 Our idea is to organize a ‘Self –Service’ Tour to Beijing, for about 30-40 teachers and educators to attend this conference.“Self-Service” meaning that:
1. On-line booking of hotel according to your budget. You may bring your family for
holidays. You may refer to ATCM 2009 URL for recommended hotels which are near the
conference venue and will be available in mid June. The rate for some hotels is roughly 75USD for double occupancy, and some is ranging from 30USD to 50USD.
2. Registration for Conference ATCM 2009
Teachers/educators who are interested to attend the conference, please give me your
names and affiliation for special arrangement. Thanks to special offer from the
organizing committee of ATCM 2009: online registration fees for the conference
included attending all the 5 days conference sessions and workshops, resources for
conference, lunch and tea-breaks, visiting schools in Beijing, special tour organized by the conference host : only 180USD (normal price 270USD) if we are able to assemble a team over 30 delegates.
3. Booking of Air tickets: you may go through MATTA Fair which is in October.
Meanwhile returned air tickets offered (until August 31) by Air China is RM840, MAS
(Super Savers RM1646). If I have news of better offer, I will inform you.
If you need any help or further information, please feel free to contact me through
email ( Please pass this message to your colleagues or friends.
Hope to meet you at Beijing ATCM 2009.
Thanks for your support.

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